Project Highlight: Slug Catcher Slide Plates

Slug Catcher Systems for Oil & Gas pipelines come in many shapes and sizes.  Our GRM Slide Plates are custom fabricated to your design.  These maintenance-free sliding surfaces allow for thermal expansion as well as the movement expected when “catching a slug”.

GRM-1010-GL Slide Plates ready for final inspection.

Both pipe supports and equipment saddles are commonly designed with GRM Slide Plates to minimize stresses being transferred to the structure and substructure.  The parts shown here were manufactured for a processing facility in Colorado.
The saddle base plates for this project ranged from 9 to 13 feet in length.  Once properly installed, these GRM PTFE Slide Plates will be able to bear loads up to 2.5 million pounds, slide with a coefficient of friction less than 0.10, and last the life of the structure without requiring maintenance.

Timing was critical to the end user and we were able to have the order ready ahead of schedule.  We take pride in our quality products and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations whenever possible.

GRM-1010-GL Slide Plates showing the load-bearing PTFE Surface.

Please visit our website for more information on our GRM Slide Plates.  We are ready and willing to assist you with your next project!


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