Project Highlight: Parking Garage Embeds

GRM Embed Plates

Parking garages, and many other concrete structures, come in many shapes and sizes.  We recently had an opportunity to provide both our Fluorogold PTFE Slide Plates and our GRM Embed Plates for a new construction project in New York.  Our ability to meet our customer’s rigorous schedule and quality demands gave them the opportunity to confidently schedule their concrete pours.

Fluorogold Slide Plates welded to GRM Embed Plates during fabrication process.

Large and intricate projects such as these require planning on a massive scale.  Any delays, especially in the early stages, can have far-reaching effects on a project’s success. We manufactured our Fluorogold (PTFE) Slide Plates and GRM Embed Plates as matched assemblies that could be installed at the job site exactly as shown on the construction drawings.  This allowed contractors to seamlessly frame-in the cast-in-place forms for the concrete pours without the usual work of attaching the slide plates in the field prior to installation.

AWS Certified Welding Inspection was a key part of the manufacturing process.

Timing was critical to the end user and we were able to have the order completed ahead of schedule.  Custom built crates and direct shipment to the job site ensured that all parts were delivered intact and ahead of schedule.  We take pride in our quality products and strive to exceed our customers’ expectations whenever possible.

GRM Embed assemblies packaged and ready for shipment ahead of schedule.

For more information, please visit our Fluorogold Slide Plate page.  We are ready and willing to assist you with your next project!


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